Summer Reading


Summer Reading 2021 at the Puyallup Public Library

The 2021 Summer Reading season is officially over.  Thanks to everyone who participated!

Summer reading is a fun program designed to engage all age groups in exploring new ideas, books and activities.  The program is free and there are no fees for any of the events or activities.  As you read books and engage in the activities, you are eligible to win badges and prizes. The best way to track your progress is through the Beanstack app or web site.  Beginning June 1, 2021, you can start recording your reading time and participate in the activities, located exclusively in Beanstack.  If you created an account in previous years, you can use the same account.  
How do I Start?

To get the most out of your summer reading experience, we recommend that you create a Beanstack account.  Parents can also create accounts for their children.  In Beanstack, you can view the available activities, enter the books you have read, write book reviews and more.  You will receive prizes as you progress and be entered into drawings at the end of the summer. To register, visit the Beanstack website or login through the app.  

Beanstack app available for iOS and Android.


Beanstack will automatically direct you to the appropriate activities based on your age.  There are three age groups: kids, teens and adults.  If you wish to be contacted about prizes and drawings, please include an email address or telephone number as part of your Beanstack profile. 


Summer Activities & Events

Get active this summer!  We have lots of things to do for all ages. Go to our Summer Activities & Events page to find something fun for you or your family.


Prizes?  Of Course There Are Prizes!

On Beanstack, you earn points as you read. You can then trade those points for tickets to enter the gift card drawings listed below. Winners will be notified within a week of the prize drawings.  Good luck and happy reading!

Kid's prize drawings:

July 2 - $25 Amazon 

July 9 – $25 Disney 

July 16 - $25 Amazon 

July 23 - $25 McDonalds 

July 30 - $25 Amazon 

August 6 - $25 Target 

August 14 - $50 Amazon 

                  $50 South Hill Mall 


Teen prize drawings: 

June 26 - $20 Happy Eats 

July 10 - $20 Best Buy 

July 24 - $20 Amazon 

August 7 - $20 iTunes
August 14 - $20 Google Play Store


Adult prize drawings:

July 3 - $20 Happy Dining 

July 17 - $20 Safeway 

July 31 - $20 Mclendon Hardware
August 7 - $20 Amazon 

August 14 - $20 Michael's