Municipal Court


Serving the City of Puyallup and City of Milton


The Municipal Court is a court of limited jurisdiction that hears only cases involving :

  • Criminal misdemeanors
  • Gross misdemeanors (domestic violence offenses, assault, shoplifting, DUI, etc.)
  • Traffic infractions
  • Parking violations that occur within the City of Puyallup or City of Milton
  • Photo Infractions that occur within the City of Puyallup
Other Courts 

Small claims cases, civil cases, name changes, anti-harassment orders, etc. are handled at Pierce County District Court

For cases involving felony criminal cases, divorce, child custody matters, bad credit, and probate are handled at Pierce County Superior Court.

Court proceedings are open to the public and accessible. Due to COVID-19, most hearings are being live streamed via Youtube  


COVID-19 Operational Changes

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the Puyallup and Milton Municipal Courts have adopted changes that impact operations. Please review the following:

Puyallup Municipal Court

The Puyallup Municipal Court will be conducting hearings remotely, via Zoom. Notice will be mailed out with instructions on how to access the hearing.  However, some hearings will continue to be in-person. The following lists in-person hearings:

  • Arraignments for DUI and DV cases only
  • Hearings to assure compliance with conditions of pre-trail release
  • Testimonial motion hearings
  • Disposition hearings on criminal cases when pre-authorized by the Court
  • Jury Trials
  • Other hearings as necessary, if set with prior approval of the Court

Milton Municipal Court

All hearings will be held via Zoom. Notice will be mailed out with instructions on how to access the hearing.

Please visit our COVID-19 Page here for Remote Hearing instructions and additional information on changes to the Municipal Court.

State of Emergency Order

While Washington currently remains in a State of Emergency, the Municipal Court may need to modify, close, relocate, or change our operations to be in compliance with the State. We will post changes to our operations on this page.

Proposed Local Rules of Court - Published for Comment Only

Per GR 7, proposed changes to the court’s local rules were ordered published for comment. All comments will be posted to this website. 

All comments should be submitted to the Court Administrator by either U.S. mail or Internet e-mail. Comments should be received no later than the end of the comment period. Please note the comment period expiration date of June 17, 2021. Comments may be sent to the following addresses: 

929 E Main, Suite 120, Puyallup, WA 98374, or Courts@PuyallupWA.Gov

Attn:  Ellen Attebery

Please specify if providing comment for Puyallup’s proposed local rules or Milton’s proposed local rules.

Comments submitted by e-mail may not exceed 1500 words. 

Notice of Revised Court Rules:

Puyallup:  PUMCLR 2  PUMCLR 3.4  PUMCLR Amendments 3.3 and 4.1
Milton:  LCrRLJ 4.5  LGR 2.5
Comments found here


Electronic Court Orders

The Puyallup Municipal Court uses a program called OCourts to create electronic court orders. The Court will provide a hard copy of a court order to defendants. However, attorneys are required to sign up for OCourts

To request access to OCourts, please email us at log into OCourts, please visit this link. 

We have created a How-To Guide for attorneys using OCourts. Please download a copy here.