Adaptive Signal

Adaptive Signal Control Technology (ASCT)

SR161/Meridian & 2nd/3rd Street Safety Improvement Project

The Puyallup adaptive project first implements ASCT at 17 intersections on 2 arterials:
  • Bypass corridor (3rd Street SE/2nd Street NE) from Meridian to River Road
  • Meridian (SR 161) from River Road to 23rd Avenue SE
Additional intersections have been added to the selected adaptive signal system. The ASCT will operate on the existing type 170 traffic signal controller or new type 2070 signal controller. The project map and study intersections are shown in Figure 1. The existing operation conditions and existing signal system infrastructure are described in section 3.1 of the Concept of Operations document. The Concept of Operations document is attached in Appendix 12.1 of this RFP document.

Project Scope

The scope of work for the project includes the installation of an adaptive signal system for the project intersections; training for City staff; and long term maintenance and technical support for proper operation of the system. The purpose of the project is to provide safe, reliable, sustainable, smooth multimodal traffic operation through the downtown corridor. The detailed vision, goals and objectives are described in section 3.2 of the Concept of Operations document.

Project Documents