Puyallup is Open(Air) Pilot Program

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The COVID-19 pandemic has had unprecedented economic impacts on all types of businesses, with restaurants and retail being some of the first to close and some of the last to reopen at full capacity.  As vehicle traffic and parking use has substantially decreased as a result of the pandemic, the City of Puyallup is exploring how we can use existing assets differently by opening the right-of-way as a safe way for our local businesses and the community to come back to downtown.

Open-air dining and shopping offers the community a way to enjoy the outdoors while supporting local business. Outdoor areas are likely to be popular as the warmer summer months approach and would provide the area needed for businesses to adhere to social distancing while maintaining feasible occupancy levels.  Outdoor dining and shopping will bring much-needed vitality to our city’s shopping and dining districts and help us move our City forward.

Thus, the City has created the Puyallup is OPEN(Air) Pilot Program, to start on June 30, 2020 and end on October 31, 2021.

Four program options will be available for businesses to choose from, based on location and what is most feasible for their establishment.

Thank you to all participating businesses and those investing in Puyallup! Let’s continue to Support Local.

If you have questions on the program or which element might be the best fit for your business, contact Economic Development Manager Meredith Neal mneal@puyallupwa.gov

  1. Temporary Sidewalk Cafe
  2. Temporary Parklet/Curbside Cafe or Market
  3. Temporary Retail & Dining Pop Ups
  4. Temporary Street Cafe
Sidewalk cafes function as an extension to an existing restaurant's seating area, directly abutting the establishment with temporary seating located on the sidewalk. Sidewalk Cafes are permitted during regular operating business hours of the host establishment. 

Please use the links to the right to access our program tip sheets for each option and read more about the application process, general guidelines and other requirements. If you have any questions about the application process, please reach out to the contact listed on the appropriate tip sheet.

Temporary Program Tip Sheet
Sidewalk Cafe Information
Curbside Cafe/ Parklet Information
Retail & Dining Pop Ups Information
Street Cafe Information