Business Spotlight: Vie Athletics


If you’re taking a stroll downtown along West Meeker, it’s hard not to notice Vie Athletics. A storefront standing a bit taller than those around it, its exterior painted a crisp black and white, Vie doesn't look like a standard gym. Rather, it looks like what it is: a gym of a different kind.

Vie means “life” in French, something this space is teeming with. Chalkboards remind members that “Kindness is contagious." A complimentary tea bar refreshes and reinvigorates. A community board full of business cards from women all over Puyallup invites outreach and networking. Owner and former University of Washington athlete, Amber French, envisioned Vie as “A safe and energetic place where strength, health and community come together.”

Members of Vie agree that this sense of community is a primary reason they choose this gym to belong to. Amber saw a need to bring women together in a positive way centered around fitness without the negativity that can complicate body image and health. “At Vie we are not as focused on aesthetics as we are on performance and strength. We help our members reach their immediate goals, and then their long-term goals.” Vie offers full-body workouts using both free weights and body weight as well as yoga classes. All women are welcome—regardless of age or fitness level.

A Puyallup resident, Amber appreciates offering a place and a service that add value to the downtown. It's her hope and intention that Vie succeed in its mission to serve others, and especially that it realize what she calls social profits. Amber’s goal each day is simple: “To make sure that every girl who walks through our door leaves stronger, and kinder.”

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