Will the bridge be closed during construction? How long will it be closed?
Yes, the bridge will be closed during construction. It is anticipated the construction work will take up to 2 years to complete and the bridge will be closed during that time.

How will the project affect the traffic after it re-opens?
The city anticipates the traffic to stay consistent with what the current traffic patterns are now. There may be some additional truck traffic, however 5th St NE is not a designed truck route through the city.

Will you take some or all of my property to building the bridge?
The extent of right of way needs has not been determined at this time. Right of way acquisition is mandated by federal law and cannot begin until such time as the state and federal authorities approve the right of way plans. The need to take a part (or an entire) parcel will be determined at the point in the future and be required to follow strict federal guidelines.

Why is this project needed?
​The existing structure was built in the 1960's. This was during a time when truck loads, the loads that create the most damage on a structure, were smaller than the kinds found today. Even the trucks themselves are much larger than those built 50 years ago and they also have the ability to carry much heavier loads. Due to its age, the bridge has experienced some defects this project is trying to address. The bridge health indicator is approximately 18 out of 100. This is what allowed the City to obtain a $10,000,000 federal bridge replacement grant to rehabilitate the structure. The bridge, in its current state is still safe. Bridge inspection teams inspect the structure regularly to verify its structural health and safe ability to pass pedestrians and traffic on a daily basis.

​How much is this project going to cost?
​The project is anticipated to cost $12.56 million. $10 million of these funds come from a grant through the Federal Highway Administration Bridge Replacement Advisory Council (BRAC) grant. The balance of the funds to pay for the structure come from City funds and a Highway Improvement Account (HIA) loan for $1 million.